Under Armour strip things back to land a simplistic but aesthetically pleasing wrap around the Spotlight 2.0 silo. No nonsense, no bold and brash statements, just a black and white colourway on their latest generation of lightweight speed.

It should come as standard practice that every single boot silo that hits the shelves should be released in a black and white option. In fairness, most brands do eventually drop just that onto their boots. Not that they'll see any on-pitch support from their respective pools of professional players but for Sunday morning heroes and Saturday afternoon soldiers, they'll always be that high demand for a traditional feel. It ain't a generation thing, not by any means, it's a style statement. A comfort blanket.

Some description

The Under Armour Spotlight 2.0 features a seamless anatomical heel-cup, taken from the brand's running collection, and tweaked for cushioned fit and comfort in football. Other specifications include a secondary stretch construction for enhanced ball control and asymmetrical composite textile and moulded support to provide lateral stability. Throw in the fact it packs an understated level and cool and you're onto a winner.

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