With the dust from the evoTOUCH launch settled, PUMA return to disturb the peace with a duo of simplistic updates on their youngest and debut hi-top silo. The third and fourth evoTOUCH colourways come wrapped in white and black with bright orange branding pulling them together.

PUMA's first adventure into the hi-collared boot game has been a bit of a slow burner with only a few players switching into the evoTOUCH. A different strategy compared to adidas and Nike's balls out on the table approach where almost silos were equipped with the technology. PUMA work in their own way and the evoTOUCH is the result of the brand biding their time to get things right and reserving the tech to one boot while players adapt. The thinking man's approach, if you will.

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The White & Black collection is the first time PUMA have moved away from "Safety Yellow" on the evoKNIT sock and takes on a cleaner look in a couple of crowd-pleasing colourways. The crisp white upper shows off the creases and curves of the soft and premium k-leather and we've seen with other brand new silos, the more choice of paint pots, the bigger the uptake in players. A slow burner, perhaps. But PUMA have thrown a couple more logs on the fire.

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