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PUMA Special Edition "Derby Fever" evoTOUCH Pro

Norf London calling, come in Santi Cazorla. Marking a fixture that will command the world's weekend football attention, PUMA have presented a limited edition instalment of the evoTouch that has been designed to capture the heat of the occasion.

"Play the game, not the occasion". Sure, you try that. The rivalry that embodies the North London derby is palpable to say the least. More like a battering ram of passion played out on the pitch, it's a fixture that's marked down in the calendar year after year as a head turner.

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In similar fashion, these re-wrapped PUMA evoTouch football boots have been given an Arsenal inspired lick of paint and will be suited up by Santi Cazorla (should he hit the pitch) come Sunday. Carrying a swift graphic across the upper, the punching red is stamped with a 'Derby Fever' motif ― a little reminder that this is no ordinary game. White soled with a red upper and a blue collar, it's the perfect blend into an Arsenal sock that works its way across The Emirates.

This is PUMA's first return to the signature game since they released a series of player exclusive boots for Cesc Fàbregas, Marco Reus, Sergio Aguero and Mario Balotelli in late 2014. This was shortly followed by the evoACCURACY "MB45" in March 2015.

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Heated and emotion heavy, all signs point towards an enthralling encounter in the latest battle for supremacy in North London. These boots will be front and centre as a celebration for the fever.

Want in? Sign up here. See you Sunday.



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