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Pantofola d'Oro Impulso Python "Fuxia/Viola"

Pantofola d'Oro whip out their impressive pink python as the luxury Italian brand slide out of their comfort zone to release their most daring design yet on the Impulso silo.

Call it fuxia, call it viola, we're calling it pink. There's no escaping that. Pantofola d'Oro are renown for hand-crafting the most traditional football boots on the market in heritage styled suits. We're talking black leather with the occasional piece of gold, this is a brand that still makes brown football boots. For the latest Impulso design they've pulled out of the brown and slotted straight into the pink for a bold statement that gives the brand a sense of modern unpredictability. A new focus perhaps, now that they've established themselves as the don of heritage boot design.

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Handmade from a single piece of the softest calf leather finished with python-inspired graphics, the Pantofola d'Oro Impulso is built for comfort and comes equipped with AMO Laces for enhanced grip on the ball. Pink colourways are normally reserved for the latest speed boots on the market as brands try to match up the silo with a certain player's personality. That hasn't been the case for heritage leather boots. But if you're a traditional boot fan that has been waiting for a pink pick to appear then, hey, knock yourself out.

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