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New Balance Furon 2.0 "White/Black"

As crisp as you like, as premium as they come. Bringing an all-white finish to a revitalised Furon 2.0 Pro, there's a party crashing down and errbody wants in.

More colourways than a bag of skittles. New Balance have truly tasted every inch of the rainbow when it comes to boot releases. Stripping it all right back and returning with an ice-cool party piece, the white out instalment of the Furon 2.0 is a champagne moment that is popping off. The black 'N' a styled out reminder of what this brand is capable of.

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Suitably dressed for the occasion, it's not just the aesthetic that is sipping a strong flavour. The 'Hybrid Mesh' upper coupled with the 'Galaxy Sprint Spike' helps provide a boot that takes athletic performance innovation and lands feet first into a footballing megamix of cultured cool. Wrapped and shaped to provide maximum comfort too, it's a bolt of pace that will no doubt cut shreds and turn heads.

Time for a swag of class? Pick up a pair, here.


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