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Mizuno Wave Ignitus 4 KL "High Risk Red"

The Mizuno Wave Ignitus silo has become a unique product in a market that has neglected distinctive shooting technology in recent seasons. We're throwing it out there, the Wave Ignitus 4 is the most underrated football boot right now. Let us explain why...

Firstly, the latest "High Risk Red/White/Black" colourway is as smart as they come and a tri-colour scheme that has always been a player favourite. Secondly, the Wave Ignitus 4 comes equipped with a K-Leather upper and all the goodness of the Mizuno Bio Control Panel, which complements the 'non-spin' technique players use to allow the ball to move in the air and catch the goalkeeper off guard.

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That combination of slick colourway, K-Leather upper and added shooting technology is alway going to draw comparisons to the adidas Predator series, but the Wave Ignitus 4 is more advanced than that. One of the true remaining 'freekick specialist' football boots, the Wave Ignitus is built for every position as an all-rounder that provides the comfort and flair. For anyone who has tried it, it's not underrated at all. It's top draw.

Want a pair? Get them here.


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