When you consider the player himself opts for the laced version rather than the Messi PUREAGILITY, the 16.1 is a big deal. The PURE series has had its time in the limelight, now adidas have rolled out laced 16.1 editions across their full silo collection.

The Messi 16.1 is quite simply the boot choice of the world's greatest player, it was even partly designed by him. You can't argue with that. Of course, it's not going to be for everyone's taste and it takes a confident players to sport a pair of boots with Messi's signature logo slapped on the side of them. The 'Speed of Light' colourway isn't a million miles away from the launch paint job of the Messi series but it adds a sense of variety to the block-coloured collection when it sits alongside the ACE 16.1 and X 16.1.

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The agilityknit upper is created to immediately mould to the shape of the foot and eliminate any break in time. The monotongue design locks the foot into the boot, a feature that aids Messi's fleet-footed movements both on and off the ball. "Shock Blue" all over with flashes of white stripes and orange branding. Anything but messy.

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