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Nike Mercurial Vapor XI "Total Crimson/Volt/Pink Blast"

In amongst the Nike 'Spark Brilliance' collection there's a hard-hitting name on the undercard that's gone under-the-radar. The most popular boot of a generation, a boot that has now reached an epic eleventh generation. Make no mistake, the Mercurial Vapor XI is a big deal.

All of Nike's colossal muscle has gone behind the Superfly V but the Mercurial Vapor XI is no Robin to Batman. Unless, Robin was pulling the strings, barking the orders and rented out his spare room to the man in black. On the pro scene the Vapor outnumbers the Superfly on every pitch. The hi-collared Superfly is still the worthy top-end boot but when it comes to familiarity and lightweight performance, the established Vapor still reigns supreme.

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With the previous Vapor X heralded as one of the greatest from the series to date, it's no surprise to see slight tweaks rather that drastic overhauls on the eleventh version that completes a squad of equisite speed. The one-piece ultra-thin Teijin microfiber ACC upper remains with an all-new speed rib texture for closer control at high speeds and a locked-down fit.

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The external heel-counter is also a familiar feature but Nike have revamped the sole-plate. Using the same plate as the Superfly V, the Vapor XI boasts a split-toe design and triangular shaped studs for improved traction. All-in-all its an absolute beaut of design with aesthetics that scream speed. Rapid.

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