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Nike Mercurial Vapor X Football Boots

Nike launch landmark tenth generation Mercurial Vapor with new tongue-less upper.

The landmark tenth generation Nike Mercurial Vapor X has landed and is sure to generate a lot of interest with a host of new features that make it significantly different to the Mercurial Superfly IV and its predecessor, the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX. Designed using the same Hyperpunch Red and Gold World Cup colours as the Superfly IV and HyperVenom, the Mercurial Vapor X completes the brand's line-up of tournament boots ahead of Brazil. 

The Nike Vapor X features a new ultra-thin micro fibre upper that has been redesigned to shape to the foot and offer a barefoot and responsive fit. Generating increased friction on the ball for reliable control at speed, the micro-textured surface produces an enhanced touch while ACC technology ensures consistent grip in wet and dry conditions.

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The biggest feature of the Nike Vapor X is the new tongue-less upper that combines with a redesigned heel cup and a new lightweight nylon sole plate to give us Nike's most significant Vapor update since the Vapor VIII. The split-toe sole-plate features redesigned and reconfigured blades with added studs at the heel for increased stability and at the toe for rotational toe-off traction.

The Nike Mercurial Vapor X is available to pre-order from today from Pro-Direct Soccer for approx £160/$200/€195. Let us know what you think of the boots. Drop us a line in the comments and join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.


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