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Under Armour Speedform Mothers Day

Keep your petrol station flowers and chocolates. Put down the candles and bath salts. This is what your mum needs for Mothers Day – a pair of flowery Under Armour Speedforms.

The lucky player to lace up in the floral design will be Manchester United winger and mother lover Memphis Depay, who'll be sporting the graphic against West Brom at The Hawthornes on Sunday afternoon. It's different and that has to be commended  – a boot for Mothers Day? Why the hell not? 2016 has already got rid of laces, seen Steven Fletcher move to Marseille and Leicester become title favourites. Nothing's off the table.

Some description

The first, and most likely last, football boot to commemorate Mothers Day but a cracker of a design nonetheless. Tech wise it's as you were with all of Under Armour's Speedform innovations sat underneath that flowery goodness. They might look like a pair of your nans curtains but there's something about these that are oddly satisfying and are fixed-up to look sharp on pitch.

Want a pair? Get them here.


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