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PUMA have taken the evoSPEED adventure to new ground with the release of the evoSPEED Fresh – a boot that is designed to keep your feet cool as the temperatures rise and we approach summer tournament football.

Following on from the K-Leather evoSPEED SL, the 'Fresh' is the latest incarnation of PUMA innovation that aims to deliver a new concept of technology in a new category of football footwear design. By using a new mesh upper material that includes a special coating to allow heat to be released whilst blocking moisture getting in, PUMA have created a boot that tackles the fatigue of playing in hot conditions. 

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Visually, she's a beauty. Sleek PUMA Formstripe branding on an "Atomic Blue/Safety Yellow" faded upper sit on top of the same evoSPEED SL soleplate, with its trademark three-studed heel design. PUMA have incorporated raised SPEEDTRACK spines to help enhance power when sprinting from a standstill. For a brand that creates product for the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, PUMA know a thing or two about speed and they've borrowed that technology and handed it to their football line-up.

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As the evoSPEED family tree grows another branch, PUMA can boast one of the most diverse speed boot collections on the market. The evoSPEED Fresh isn't expected to receive any noteable player support from the brand's leading players just yet but you expect to see the odd pair floating around once the mercury begins to rise.

Want a pair? Snap 'em up here.


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