Umbro land their first major release of 2016 in the form of a second-generation Velocita boot. Building on the success of the debut series, the Velocita 2 hits the ground running with a number of subtle upgrades.

The first-generation Velocita was a key checkpoint for Umbro - it was a boot that redefined the brand and allowed them to become more dynamic by competing in markets they hadn't before entered with any meaningful intent. Visually the Velocita 2 stays close to home with that same successful sleek design but what Umbro have managed to achieve is to keep the silo weighing just 165g whilst introducing a few new technologies.

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The upper has been re-engineered with a super lightweight textured microfibre to offer better grip in all weather conditions without increasing the weight and a new external framework withstands pressure from all sides. Umbro's trademark A-Frame support delivers the comfort and the soleplate remains untouched from the first series. Aesthetically, you're not looking at an awful lot of difference and that's testament to the quality of the first generation boot but the overall softness of the upper is what makes the Velocita 2 a worthy upgrade. 

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