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Umbro Velocita II "Bluebird"

Throwing it out there... The "Bluebird" Velocita II is the best looking colourway to land on Umbro's lightweight speed boot yet. Beautifully fast with shimmering blues, the Velocita II achieves majestic merit with simplistic style.

Sitting in-line as Umbro mirror their full on-pitch silo collection with the "Bluebird" takeover, the Velocita II is now the brand's most established boot on the market, leading the way for the newer Medusae and UX Accuro models. Sticking with the ever-effective tri-coloured combination that has installed the Velocita as one of the most reliable and aesthetically pleasing boots in circulation, the "Bluebird" design incorporates different shaded graphics for an added blast of pace.

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If you're not up to speed with the technology on the Velocita, a quick recap sees a super-lightweight textured microfibre upper to offer better grip in all weather conditions without increasing the weight and an external framework withstands pressure & delivers comfort. 165g of ice cold cool.

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