A few weeks into 2016 and it's already safe to say that the adidas revolution is thriving. The first big move of 2016 for the three stripes has already graced the world’s biggest pitches in the form of PURECONTROL, but now it’s time for the ACE to show the rest of its hand. We take a look inside the one of the biggest silo drops of the year (and it’s only January!)

adidas ACE16+ Purecontrol

If you’ve somehow wiggled underneath a rock (or hid your face in shame after saying Liverpool vs Norwich without Luis Suarez would be a low scoring affair), then you’ve missed one of the biggest boot launches in years. Primeknit and a new collar allowing a the adidas ACE16+ Purecontrol to have a secure fit while still fully performing its function as a quality football boot. Mix in the return of the adidas Sprintframe, and you’ve got enough tech to spend hours on every nuance. The first risk was the revolution in and of itself, but now adidas is showing that risks are going to be the new norm with the German giants.

Long story, short: No laces on the proven body of a Primeknit boot. If the fit is right, adidas have struck gold here.

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adidas ACE+ 16.1 Primeknit

If laces tend to be more your speed, then adidas took one of the best boots of 2015 (the ACE 15+ Primeknit) and updated it with some new toys (while still leaving the laces in tact). A Primeknit sleeve that wraps with the tongue gives the ACE 16.1 Primeknit a great fit, while the Primeknit upper, now with a new-and-improved adidas collar, gives an incredible touch. Adidas must have some belief behind this style of collar, as there is now an option at every ACE level (16.1, 16.2, and 16.3) with this build. Adidas dabbled with following Nike on the original X collar, but, now, the three stripes have taken the dive full-on into the market. We loved the 2015 version, and we can’t wait to see what all these new toys bring to the table.

Long story, short: As close to a “sure thing” as a brand can get. If you haven’t used a Primeknit boot yet, there’s no better time to jump in.

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adidas ACE 16.1

Adidas might be blasting the airwaves with the PURECONTROL and the Primeknit+, but everything comes back to the standard ACE 16.1 synthetic. With all the new additions to the other members of the ACE family, it would be hard to lose this boot in the shuffle. However, the new boot fixes the small cissues of the original while improving what made the first iteration a success. Gone is the bulky heel that we said in our “Laced Up” review made the boot feel split in two halves, and the three layer synthetic has been blended closer together to give a better feel for the ball. This boot shows that adidas can go a bit wild with some releases, but still bring home the bacon with their standard silos.

Long story, short: Take a winner and continue moving in the right direction. It might not have a collar, but there’s no problem with this boot.

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adidas ACE 16.1 Leather

Perhaps the most underrated member of the adidas family in 2015, the new adidas ACE 16.1 Leather provides the build of the ACE combined with a plush k-leather for anyone still unable to accept the incredible synthetics of today. Where the rest of the ACE squad has serious flash, panache, and extras to splash, the ACE leather (despite the...loud...launch colorway) is relatively low-key. A nice cushioned leather mixed with a quality build and fit...what’s not to like?

Long story, short: It’s k-leather, it’s comfortable, and it will probably still be the most underrated member of the ACE family.

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The ACE is the first swing that adidas is taking at 2016, and it feels more like a matter of “when” it becomes a big winner instead of “if.” Adidas may have made it seem like they’d be shrinking down to only two main silos, but it’s crazy to think that adidas has found success while actually spreading themselves thinner than they were before. We are sure that the biggest bang will occur as we draw into the Euro's this summer, but adidas has certainly set the bar at a ridiculous level. Game on.