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adidas Predator Instinct | 10 Things To Know

Ten things you should know about the all new adidas Predator Instinct, from the change in name to the new technology incorporated on one of the game's most famous boots and 13th generation Predator model.

New Name: The 'Predator Lethal Zones' tag is left behind in place of a new name for the model - Predator Instinct. The latest label which headlines the World Cup Battle Pack is named after the natural instinct of predatory animals and follows a host of famous titles such as Rapier, Touch, Accelerator, Precision, Mania and more recent editions including Pulse, Powerswerve and of course the Lethal Zones.

Larger Rubber Zones: The signature Predator rubber panels have been increased in size and moved around slightly to optimise control of the ball, sweet spot for shooting and bending the ball. The crossed pattern from the LZ is replaced with a zig-zag style design that covers more of the upper.

Gel Pad: The pass-zone pad on the instep of the boot has been dramatically modified with a new, much bigger design to aid accuracy when passing. The welded gel pad could well be a popular feature for the CTR lovers who have been left feeling homeless.

Same Upper Material: The upper of the adidas Predator Instinct is made from the same material found on the previous LZ model. Hybridtouch is a leather stimulating material which uses the finest elements from both kangaroo leather and microfibre to deliver optimum comfort, water resistance and durability.

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New Sole-Plate
: The most significant transformation on the adidas Predator Instinct is the new outsole. The transparent outsole comes with improved flex movement in the forefoot. The boot will feel more responsive and eliminates any stiffness that can often be felt in new boots. Traction-wise the Instinct uses the same Traxion 2.0 system found on the LZ, although the middle stud has been moved forward slightly to improve weight distribution.

New Tongue: The Predator LZ tongue has been replaced with a thinner alternative that features a velcro material on the inside to grip to the sock and prevent the tongue from slipping down the boot.

Control Frame: Another updated feature on the adidas Predator Instinct is the new Control Frame which replaces the Sprint Frame on the LZ model. Designed to give the player greater stability in the forefoot the Control Frame is designed in knowledge that 10% of ball contact is in the very front of the soleplate.

Visuals: The famous three stripes have been pushed back to towards the heel on the new Predator Instinct model, but much like some of the older, most popular Predator models such as the Mania and Accelerator the stripes are visible underneath the boot thanks to the transparent sole-plate.

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No mi-Coach
: The latest Predator marks the end of the mi-Coach cavity. The 11Pro was the first silo to part with the technology and now the Predator Instinct has also given the feature the boot. The only boots to use mi-Coach in the Battle Pack are the F50 and Nitrocharge.

When Can I Buy Them? The new adidas Predator Instinct is available to pre-order from May 12 at around £160 before coming out on May 26. The Instinct, along with the rest of the adidas Battle Pack will be worn at the World Cup this summer by adidas' contracted Pred players such as, Oscar, Muller and Dzeko before new colourways land ahead of the 2014/15 season. 

What are your thoughts on the new adidas Predator Instinct? Anything else you would like to know? Drop us a line in the comments.


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