A look at the Nike Hypervenom “OUSADIA ALEGRIA” limited edition hand painted box by Bruno Big that brings a touch of personalised gold to the game.

Creating a mural to cover an entire wall is no mean feat, especially when it's done with such voluminous beauty. Add to the mix the wall being made up of 1,000 shoe boxes and it's on another level. With the paint still drying, each box has a part to play in the backdrop that helped launched the Neymar Hypervenom II "Ousadia Alegria" collection yesterday.

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A masterful jigsaw of spray painted perfection, it's incredible to see the multi-disciplined talent of Bruno Big. As good in hand with a can as he is a pen or paintbrush, it brings a wealth of culture and a palette full of art to a boot launch washed in so much cool.

While the boot will go on sale to the masses, there are only 1,000 limited edition boxes that will find their way to the fore - one of which will hit up Neymar Jr himself. The rest includes a special flick book that animates the wall being painted and a special Bruno Big x Neymar Jr poster. On sale on the 31st Jan, you can pick up a ltd edition box (and it's contents) from the Nike football app.

You can lace up the Ousadia Alegria Hypervenom II from 2nd Feb, here.