The unpredictable PUMA design circus marches on with another wild edition of the evoPOWER 1.2 covered in comic-strip craziness. Inspired by the Pop Art movement the "POW" is the latest confirmation that PUMA are in a category of their own. Oh, and it's also more proof that they're mad as a box of frogs.

Just what exactly is in the water at PUMA HQ? Whatever it is, we want some. Nothing is off the table when it comes to designing one off boots with PUMA, if they have an idea that no other brand could ever come up with they'll run with it. Why? One, because it's different, and two, because why the hell not?

Some description

True to the boot's Power theme the words BAM!! and POW! are printed across the upper and two-dimensional graphics with black borders and no depth create a 1950's style Pop Art feel. This new design features PUMA's seasonal colours orange clown fish, electric blue lemonade and white with yellow details. Dots are printed all over the heel and partially on the rest of the upper, with additional orange dots applied to the white laces. Yeah, mental.

They'll be on pitch too. Cesc Fàbregas, Mario Balotelli, Olivier Giroud and Yaya Touré amongst others will have the pleasure of lacing up in them when the international friendly matches kick off later today and continue across the weekend. Are you saying POW?

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