Whereas the latest Visaro update barges in the front door and puts its feet up on the coffee table, the Furon sneaks through the back, under the cover of darkness.

Touched up with a coat of Black and Impulse Orange the Furon compliments the daring Visaro with an understated and simplistic design. Built with the same tools as the previous colourway the Furon uses a stiffened soleplate that focuses on straight-line acceleration and the trademark Burrito Tongue to hold the foot in place.

Some description

An autumnal, somewhat Halloween-esque set of visuals that add to the already smart collection of New Balance football footwear. The majority of New Balance's professional players will be sporting the Visaro silo but you can expect to see Álvaro Negredo and Jesús Navas slip into the Furon update from this weekend.

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