In taking to a city that captures the creative imagination on and off the pitch, Nike have launched a relentlessly fresh Tiempo with a facelift of flair.

The Nike catalogue of football culture is one with the ability to match sophistication with style, underpinned by a backbone of performance innovation. The latest to join the party comes in the shape of the Tiempo 6.

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Munich is where we touched down with the brand to grab a slice of their latest light to shine on the pitch. The Tiempo 6, a leather loaded gem carries on a legacy that is growing on twenty years, only now it's got deeper characteristics to supercharge the crafted game with a creative boot to match. As well as the obvious colour introductions, minimal stitching to provide maximum weatherproofing and durability, performance is at its core. A revised tongue is joined by enhanced caging, innovation is thrown down throughout.

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As well as a walk through the history of Tiempos with a fine tuned exhibition, Chief Designers, Max Blau and Nathan Van Hook were on hand to get under the hood of these heroes in the making. Joining them, none other than typified King of cool was Jerome Boateng as well as AS Roma trailblazer of the back line Antonio Rudiger.

The Tiempo 6 a boot of choice. Triumphant in style, soon to be tested. Get your mits on a pair here.