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adidas Launch Gloro 16.1 Collection

Less than a year after the Gloro was lauded as the saviour of traditional heritage boots adidas have returned to the drawing board to create and release a second generation model.

At the launch of the debut Gloro adidas focused on the return of the popular elasticated, fold-over tongue sending Predator enthusiasts into a nostalgic realm of the 'good old days' but now that tongue is banished once more as the new-generation boot sits closer to the adiPURE silhouette with a sleeker design. Have adidas torn off their USP for the Gloro? To put it simply, no. The Gloro 16.1 still captures timeless design and supreme comfort and they're the two most important characteristics for a heritage boot. 

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Released as a four pack collection the Gloro 16.1 pack provides a choice of "Red/White/Black", "Black/Night Metallic/Solar Green", "Black/White/Matte Silver" and "White/Black/Matte Silver", each caressed in soft kangaroo leather uppers to prioritise comfort. At £80 the Gloro 16.1 is half the price of many top end boots on the market, but is it 50% worse than those top end boots? Absolutely not.

Want a pair? Take your pick here.


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