The first 'Tricks' treatment to land on the second-generation evoPOWER comes in the form of the 'H2H Duality' edition. PUMA's trademark split colourway is dipped in a vibrant combo of "Orange Clownfish" and "Electric Blue Lemonade" for another killer design.

Reversing the pattern of the evoSPEED SL the left evoPOWER is orange and the right one blue with corresponding Form-stripes and studs. The Head-To-Head Duality boots feature additional graphics on the upper and will be worn by all contracted PUMA athletes for three games of over the course of the season as PUMA put their evoSPEED and evoPOWER players up against each other using a fantasy-football-esque scoring system. 

Some description

Tech wise it's as you were with all your evoPOWER goodness. GripTex print runs across the full length of the upper to enhance the grip of the ball in wet & dry conditions and the AccuFoam lining covers a large surface of the upper to providing a clean kicking surface. The more we look at them the more the initial shock reaction of the odd-boots vibe makes way for an appreciation. Powerful boot, powerful aesthetics.

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