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adidas X 15.1 "White/Silver Metallic"

adidas turn on the chill factor as September arrives with an icy rendition of their X and ACE silos.

There's something undeniably satisfying about an untouched, all white sneaker or football boot, the spotless design is cherished for as long it can until you almost reluctantly lace them up for the first time. Emotional. After a killer summer adidas are continuing to lead their expertly executed revolution into September with a design cleaner than our teenage internet history on the family computer. 

Some description

Having already landed a dark side to the X 15.1 with the "Black/Yellow/Night Metallic" combo adidas have now flipped the palettes to wrap their new speed silo in a blanket of snowy white finished off with a "Silver Metallic" X-Cage. What's not to like? Calm the Chaos, this is beautifully chilled.

Like what you see? You can pick up a pair here if you're interested.


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