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adidas X 15.1 "Black/Yellow/Night Metallic"

Chaos takes a stealthy approach for the secondary X 15.1 colourway. For a boot marketed to “defy rules and structure,” this colorway certainly checks off every “rule” in the traditionalists guidebook. Dropping in Black/Solar Yellow/Night Metallic the update is stark in contrast to the launch edition as adidas stretch out the X to a wider audience of players.

Speckled with a scattering of bright "Solar Yellow" across the upper and with the vibrant adidas logo on the heel, the boot is not completely devoid of colour and uses the black back-drop to really pop. Despite toning down the upper, the tech under the hood is still making headlines. A new material for the upper known as X-SKIN is in place that helps ensure the player can get the lightweight nature they crave while still getting the performance that's required from a top-tier boot.

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As the first step into the collared game by adidas, the X15 took a few cues from their professional testers and lowered the collar to a comfortable height while still giving the locked in feeling players are hunting. TechFit provided a perfect tool for adidas to create their collared creation and this toned down issue is nailed on to be a hit on the market, even without the player support on the professional scene.

The adidas X15.1 is available at select online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. Thoughts on the update? Drop your comments below.


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