Fresh off the back of the launch, the adidas football revolution visited Chelsea's Cobham Training Ground in a showcase of designers, players, X and ACE prototypes and a certain 'Special One', all of whom played their part in resetting adidas Football.

The initial shock reaction to adidas Football's dramatic change in direction has been different on many levels. Visually, X15 and ACE15 have split opinion but the further you dig into the technology and concepts behind the revolution the clearer their path becomes. We joined adidas at Chelsea FC as Oscar and Loftus-Cheek got to grips with their new wheels and adidas' Innovation Team revealed the ins and outs of the overhaul.

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Dave Suarace, Senior Director of adidas Football Footwear explained, “We've been building this idea for a long time to come. At adidas we're always having conversations about what we're making, what we're doing and, more importantly, where we're going to go. We're resetting adidas Football and we're building this idea for a long time to come. This is really just the starting point of something revolutionary. We're going to continue to work on these shoes, develop them, and engineer them to achieve higher levels all the time."

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The concept behind the adidas revolution is that football is now played by two types of player, hence X and Ace, as Jose Mourinho discussed. “The modern game is played by either a player who controls and shapes the game or by one who has the ability to change it in a split second. Managers have the challenge of making sure that their team have balance and are set up to allow these two types of players to co-exist on the pitch. Every great team in recent years has had this balance and that is how modern teams win trophies”.

adidas X15 & ACE15 are available to order at select stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer.