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adidas Fluid Pack | X 15.1 & ACE 16.1

Sitting alongside the K-leather crafted Etch pack is the darker side of adidas' latest Limited Collection drop – the Fluid Pack. The X 15.1 and ACE 16.1 are covered in black to create one of the most understated looks possible and a first crack at an ACE 16.1 blackout.

Purity is the theme for adidas' newest project as the Etch Pack drops in all white, and the Fluid Pack follows in all black. Every last square millimetre of the ACE and X are submerged into darkness, from the tips of the laces to the tips of the studs. A traditionalists dream in every sense.

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The Fluid boot is designed to embody movement. The upper is created using an innovative process that takes a semi-fluid metallic pigment and runs magnets over the boot to manipulate the liquid and create distinctive patterns and textures. The pigment then freezes and sets to create a dark metallic, light-catching material. Clever, eh?

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