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adidas Launch The X15

As if the upcoming Champions League Final didn’t have enough hype to begin with, adidas have chosen to launch their revolution in line with the biggest game of the year. It's the boot touted as the choice for those that “can never be controlled”: welcome the adidas X15.

The adidas X15 arrives on the scene as the brand’s answer for players looking to provide chaos.  The three stripes want the X15 to be for players that "defy rules and structure." With the entirety of the adidas stable declaring over the last few weeks on social media if they are “control” or “chaos,” Thomas Muller, Gareth Bale, Luis Suarez, Karim Benzema, and Alvaro Morata will be amongst the players headlining the X15.

In the name of chaos, adidas claims the X15 is the “ultimate weapon for the game’s most dangerous players”. Marking the brands first step into the collar game, adidas has used their impressive techfit material to create a low-cut collar that will sit tightly around the ankle to provide the highest level of support and create an impressive fit. Across the upper is the X-Cage to prevent your foot from slipping while attempting to make quick cuts, which should couple with the lightweight design to keep you always moving.

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The make-up of the upper sees adidas stepping away from HybridTouch in this new revolution and creating X-SKIN. A three layered material that adidas hopes will be a game changing product that will be able to provide top performance, protection, and comfort while creating chaos in the adidas X15.

The new stud pattern is being dubbed as the X-CLAW and is meant to give the lightweight offering great traction. Although not as different as what we are seeing with the ACE, this set-up is different than anything we have seen from adidas in the past. Combining a more traditional grouping of heel studs, the forefoot has a mix of normal length studs and smaller teeth-like nubs that should combine to allow for some good grip and easy turning.

Slated for the first public viewing during the upcoming Champions League Final, will we see “chaos” reign? The adidas X15 is available to pre-order from today at selected online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer.


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