Playing an under-card role to the main event, the Vapor X receives its share of CR treatment. The Superfly may well be flying the flag for the CR line this season but Nike haven't forgotten the Vapor, which contributed immensely towards the success of the series.

Reserving the stunning shimmering effect for the Superfly, the Vapor X is toned down with a flatter paint job as it plays a support role in the latest chapter of the CR7 glamour show. We don't make the rules but it's a bit like a wedding (hear us out), the bridesmaids have to look good, but they can't look better than the bride, she, or Nike in this case, wouldn't allow that, and the Vapor X purposefully lacks that extra drop of oomph that the Superfly IV possesses. 

That's not to say this is a case of beauty and the beast though, far from it. On pitch the Vapor X is very much considered as a top-end alternative to the Superfly, confirmed by the player support, and the latest CR Vapor X still holds it's own. Just like the Superfly though, that bold CR7 branding is always going to split opinion.

The Mercurial Vapor X CR7 Silverware will be available exclusively via the Nike Football App on March 18 and from selected online stockists from March 20.