We take a closer look at Lionel Messi's latest signature drop. The Messi Mirosar10 adizero F50 pays tribute to the town where it all began for the Argentinian magician.

2014 marked the 20th anniversary of the adidas Predator but it's not just the Pred that's received the VIP service from the brand. As we enter the final month of the year adidas have dropped their seventh signature f50 adizero for their lead man Messi as the brand ramped up the pace to extend his exclusive collection. Visually it's another typically opinion splitting Messi design that packs a strong set of graphics.

The boots tell the story of Messi's childhood in Roasrio, Argentina. The colourway reflects Messi's first ever club who played in orange against their rivals in green, a match where a young Lionel scored 4, though a few of you might be wishing that they played in their away kits that day. Perhaps that's harsh on the boot, the striking graphics, are another worthy addition to a dynamic and unpredictable signature collection that's always delivered unique visuals, after all it's not supposed to please everyone, it's supposed to stand out, to be different.

Some description

The Power Teal/White/Solar Orange combo features the trademark Messi emblem on the heel of the boot but the key features are all in the details. You have to go inside the boot to see the true links to Messi's upbringing where the insoles are printed with a map of Rosario that features the Batallón pitch – an abandoned military base field that Leo used to sneak onto through a hole in the fence to play football with his friends.

The adidas Messi Mirosar10.1 is available from selected online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer priced from £170. What are we thinking? Drop us a line below.