PUMA add some Favela flavour to the evoPOWER with new graffiti inspired design.

PUMA have added an updated evoPOWER design to their line-up, taking further inspiration from the colourful culture, favelas and graffiti of Brazil. The new evoPOWER 1 Graffiti football boots use a vivid colour combination of 'Red/Yellow/Dubry/Salmon/B Buton' - work that one out, we can’t. Anyway, stupid colour titles aside the latest design is typically PUMA with a bold fusion of pop colours.

Along with the Brazilian inspired colourway, the evoPOWER Graffiti boots also feature the inscription "Que emocionante uma partida de futebol" on the heel which translates to "How exciting is a football match" and a quirky favela illustration on the sock liner. For a boot titled ‘Graffiti', we would have expected something a little crazier from PUMA. Also it's already the second time we've seen an evoPOWER with a red upper...just saying. Either way, it’s a stylish effort from PUMA to regain our attention following the ‘Tricks’ launch.

The PUMA evoPOWER Graffiti Red/Yellow/Dubry/Salmon/B Buton football boots are available from selected online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer.