PUMA hook their evoPOWER model up with a stealth like look.

Since PUMA kicked off 2014 with the launch of the new evoPOWER the boot has become ever present on pitches worldwide. Blackout boots are usually saved until the silo is on it's way out but PUMA aren't messing around, the demand for blackout leather boots is always sky high and PUMA have delivered in ultimate stealth style.

Whereas other brands have been focused on other aspects of play, PUMA have swooped in to wrap up an unmarked power market. The evoPOWER is engineered to flex more freely when striking the ball to liberate your natural shooting power and increase accuracy.

What makes this evoPOWER edition unique, other than it's colourway, is that it's constructed with a supersoft premium leather upper with the stitching following the pattern on the vamp and AccuFoam to ensure their are no interruptions to the shooting technology.

The EverFit cage on the instep of the boot has been the standout feature visually on the evoPOWER but it takes a backseat on the blackout version as PUMA opt for an overall under the radar look. Bright boots dominate the professional scene as brand's look to get noticed but PUMA have acknowledged the set of players who demand an old school look but still want to benefit from new technologies.

PUMA's squad of pros is stronger than ever with the likes of Mario Balotelli, Yaya Toure, Cesc Fabregas and Marco Reus all slipping into the new evoPOWER model. This blackout leather edition is another timely reminder that less can often be more and there's still something undeniably cool about wearing an all black boot.

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