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Closer Look | PUMA King by Alexander McQueen

We've taken a closer look at the limited edition King collaboration between PUMA and Alexander McQueen. Two beautifully exclusive hand crafted designs created from the most premium materials.

Just 70 pairs of the supple hand burnished Italian leather boots exist worldwide, along with an even more limited 30 pairs of unique 'fish skin' designs and we've got our mitts on a pair of each to stick through the SB studio.

PUMA are the Kings of collaborations in more ways than one with an impressive back catalogue of connections including Ferrari, Ducati, Hublot and BMW to name just a few and their latest link up with legendary British fashion designer Alexander McQueen is their most premium yet.

The bad news? The boots are unavailable to purchase, with PUMA gifting them to select friends of the collaborating parties in recognition of 2014 in Brazil. The fact that they won't appear on pitch allows us to look at the stunning designs from a different angle, to appreciate the artistic design in the 'fish skin' edition and the attention to detail in the expert hand crafted quality in the leather editions.

View the manufacturing process of the limited edition Alexander McQueen PUMA King football boots here. What do you think of the collaborations? Drop us a line in the comments.


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