PUMA reveal new evoPOWER model in a bright launch colourway

After a month of teasing their new silo PUMA have officially launched their latest boot model - the evoPOWER. The camouflage cover has been lifted to reveal a boot packed with new innovations and technologies all wrapped up in a bright peach paint job.

The evoPOWER replaces the PowerCat model as PUMA reshape and redesign their power silo using their own expert theories and innovations. The boot was first teased by Mario Balotelli in a unique newspaper headline design before taking on the trademark PUMA CAMO wrap, but now the disguise has been ripped off and we can take our first real look at what the new boot has to offer.

The evoPOWER 1 is designed and developed to optimise kicking velocity and accuracy. So how does it work? Well, PUMA have used an innovative Japanese one-way stretchable microfibre AdapLite upper material, which together with the G.S.F. (Gradual Stability Frame) outsole technology allows the foot to bend in a barefoot kicking motion, thus enabling for optimum power delivery to the ball.

Tech overload? Let's break that down a bit. The AdapLite upper material is lightweight and super soft to allow for natural foot mechanics as close as possible to a barefoot kicking motion. It stretches lengthwise with the foot to deliver maximum power, while holding its shape against lateral forces.

An EverFit cage (the yellow and red strips with holes in), first used on the evoSPEED is strategically placed in the midfoot to provide optimal flexibility and stability for an all round more comfortable ride. The customised heel provides comfort and less pressure on the Achilles, whilst ensuring a bigger range of motion for the foot.

AccuFoam is introduced to to the kicking area of the boot and applied underneath the upper material, the foam moulds to the foot to help provide a clean surface area and to allow you to generate more power and accuracy when striking the ball.

The Gradual Stability Frame allows the outsole of the boot to flex in a way that mimics the bare foot, unleashing the foot's natural power. To simplify that; when you curl your toes up your foot arches, the evoPOWER will bend with your foot so you can generate extra power when striking the ball. That's a lot of tech for a boot that weighs in at an impressive 206g. 

The new peach/blue/yellow PUMA evoPOWER will be worn by the likes of Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas, AC Milan's Mario Balotelli and Borussia Dortmund's Marco Reus and will start to appear on pitch from this weekend.

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