Low key new colourway for adidas Predator LZ

The second adidas Predator LZ colourway to drop in a week is another predominantly black design with a blast of berry. The Samba storm has settled and adidas are beginning to release a steady flow of toned down colour updates for the more traditional player.

The new black/white/berry update features a black upper with white stripes sitting on top of a sole plate finished in bright berry, which spills onto the 'sweet spot' and 'dribble' Lethal Zones to really pop on the black background. It's a touch wilder than the recent black/zest drop but what's a boot without a bit of pink these days.

The demand for more black boots has been clear for some time now and adidas are listening. The black/berry paint job is the latest of a string of darker releases across all of the brand's silos. Offering players the choice of their favourite silo in vibrant and more toned down colourways is something that is no doubt appreciated.

A quick spec recap will tell you that the adidas Predator LZ is the second evolution of the 'Lethal Zones' concept. Each zone is designed, engineered and placed according to their specific function. The SL rubber material is welded directly onto the hybrid-touch upper material, allowing for less layers and a better feel for the ball. Most noticeably, adidas have increased the surface area of the 'dribble', 'drive' and 'sweet-spot' zones.

It's hard to deny adidas are offering some serious variety at the moment, a blend of colourways to cater for the majority of player preferences. When the second Pred LZ was launched there was still a number of doubters of the design but with colourways like this one dropping it's getting harder and harder to bash it.

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