adidas Predator LZ Football Boots - Black/Green

They might have kept us waiting, but adidas have finally released an all-black Predator LZ. We've seen a mixed bag of colourways so far from the Predator LZ, but now adidas strip everything back with their traditional black-out edition. And surprise surprise, we love it! For true boot fans, this is what it's all about!

We take our hats of to adidas. You can always count on them to deliver the best in black-out boots. Their a recognised nod to players who crave a a true black boot. It's a worthwhile move - their blackout boots shift some serious numbers! See how the Pred LZ looks in black-out mode and let us know what you think.

Black-out boots are always immediate fan favourites. There's no denying their popularity, everyone loves a black-out! The modern Predator is no longer your traditional boot when it comes to colour and design. For the LZ collection, it's been another line of bright colourways. As with the Predator X and adiPower, the Predator LZ has become the latest addition to adidas' black-out catalogue.

Black-out editions usually signal the end of the line for a boot model, but we think the Predator LZ has some life left in it yet! The Predator LZ has been a big hit since bursting onto the scene earlier on in the year. They could be treated to another shake up in 2013, as adidas continue with the ever-evolving Predator line.

The five zones across the Predator LZ have helped shape previous colourways. The only drop of colour on this boot is the green adidas branding discretely positioned on the tongue, heel, instep and outsole. As for the five Lethal Zones, they've fallen victim to the black paint-job to give the boot a true black-out feel.

The boots are available to pre-order now from selected US stockists, and will be hitting European shores before the end of the year. Let us know what you think and how they compare to some of adidas' previous black-out football boots. Join the conversation online, on Twitter and on Facebook.