Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra football boots - White/Midnight Navy


      The Lotto Zhero Gravity football boots are the only laceless football shoe in the world, and this Gravity Ultra is the latest release. These are a genuinely unique football boot from Lotto, and although people may struggle initially with the concept, the fact is these boots actually work!
The Lotto Zhero Gravity began it's life in a laboratory in 2002, and the concept of a laceless boot is one that Lotto have continued to pioneer. And when you think about it, It seems a natural progression; phones became cord-less, internet became wire-less and now football boots have become lace-less! But what is it that makes the Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra football boots work, and how do they perform?
      Lotto have described the brand new Gravity Ultra as a football boot that allows for "extraordinary contact with the ball, guaranteed by the upper made solely in microfibre, and enriched with two innovations: Twist 'nGo, for the first time featured in the laceless boot, and the brand new patented technology ReactiveArch."
      The microfibre upper of the Gravity Ultra football boots is a soft material which moulds to your feet, and offer an exceptional feel for the ball. By removing the laces, Lotto have created the cleanest and purest striking surface available on a football boot. This has been achieved by two rubberised panels stitched into the fore and heel of the boot upper, which stretches to allow your feet to fit in the boot, before retracting onto your feet to provide a real glove-like fit.
      The precise fit of the Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra football boots means getting the correct size boot is essential for performance, ensuring the boot hugs the foot becoming a second-skin. And to provide the stability needed for the standing foot when shooting and passing, the boots have a heel counter built into the outsole.
      Another innovation for the Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra football boots is the first concave shaped sole, delivering cushioning, stability and reactivity. This dynamic sole is designed to flex, move in unison and provide an elastic (energy) return to the natural deformation movement of the transverse arch in the forefoot.
      A new addition to the Zhero Gravity Ultra football boots is Lotto's Twist'nGo technology, a joint venture between Lotto and the University of Pavia. By pivoting the first stud, the Twist'nGo technology improves performance and reduces the risk of injury, by helping the players to overcome foot and ground friction, plus additional motion forces for accelerating and braking.
      The Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra football boots are available to pre-order now ahead of a 15th April release, and they should be available for £150 GBP. We're expecting to see Lyon midfielder Jean II Makoun wearing these new football boots in the Champions League. A big fan of the Zhero Gravity's, Makoun recently showed us what the boots could do by striking a thunderbolt goal against Real Madrid!