Football Boots - adidas Predator Precision 2000 - 08/10/09


      The adidas Predator Precision is the next boot in our Predator countdown series. Ahead of the launch of the new tenth generation adidas Predator football boots, the SoccerBible is taking a look back at all the previous incarnations of this unique and popular football boots range.
The adidas Predator Precision was launched during the EURO 2000 championships, as adidas continued their tradition of releasing a brand new Predator boot during a major championship year. But were probably made more famous by David Beckham, who was wearing the Precision football boots as he scored THAT incredible free-kick in the final moments of England's match against Greece!
      The adidas Predator Precision was the first Predator boot to make the transition from rubber fins to thinner, more frequent ribs which increased the spin that could be put on the ball.
      The overall design of Predator Precision was again completely unique to any models that had gone before, as adidas continued to re-invent and progress their increasingly popular boot range. The adidas Predator Precision football boots featured a tongue that covered the laces and attached with velcro to a point further down the forefoot.
      An innovative addition to the adidas Predator Precision football boots were the exchangeable Traxion studs, a merge between some of the leading football boot innovations ever; the idea of exchangeable studs from 1954 and the Predator and Traxion technologies of the mid 90s.
      Join the SoccerBible as we continue our weekly countdown of every adidas Predator football boots incarnation, culminating in the official unveiling of the brand new Predator X football boots!