Football Boots - adidas Predator Mania 2002 - 12/10/09


      The adidas Predator football boots continued their innovation and success into the new century with the release of the Predator Mania. The 2002 FIFA World Cup in the Far East was the launch pad for the adidas Predator Mania football boots, which helped to unlock a new market for the adidas Predator.
The new adidas Predator Mania football boots retained the signature black/white/red colourway, along with a soft kangaroo leather upper, stitched-in Predator technology and the distinctive asymmetrical lacing.
      The Predator Mania gave even more swerve to the ball than previous models. The rubber serrations, now in stand-out white, were concentrated on the in-step of the boot - the part of the foot which strikes the ball to generate curl.
      Once again adidas advanced the tongue design for the Predator Mania, with the introduction of an elasticated strap going under the foot to hold down the tongue. This also pinned in the laces to give the boots an enlarged area for clean striking of the ball.
      Other new additions to the adidas Predator Mania football boots were the external TPU heel counter, and the split outsole construction. A two-piece outsole which helped to make the Mania a much lighter Predator boot.
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