Power Football Boots - adidas Predator Rapier 1995 - 23/09/09


      Next up in the SoccerBible's countdown of adidas Predator football boots is the Predator Rapier, released in 1995. Ahead of the launch of the new Predator X football boots, SoccerBible will be taking an in-depth look at EVERY previous Predator model.
The adidas Predator Rapier came out a year after the release of the original adidas Predator football boot, and is currently the only adidas Predator boot to be released outside of a World Cup or European Championship year.
      The release of the adidas Predator Rapier football boots set a benchmark in Predator style, which has continued through every model since. The Predator Rapier was the first to feature a fold-over tongue, a detail now synonymous with the Predator boot series, along with the classic black/white/red colourway.
      For the Predator Rapier, adidas re-designed the rubber fins over the forefoot area to offer greater ball control and increased power. The boot also featured an increased amount of kangaroo leather for a more natural and comfortable fit, along with additional support from and strength from a redesigned heel area.
So far we have looked at the original adidas Predator football boots, but join the SoccerBible as we continue our weekly countdown of EVERY adidas Predator football boots incarnation, culminating in the official unveiling of the brand new Predator X football boots!