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NWSL & Nike Reveal 2024 Kits For All Clubs

For the first time ever, all 14 teams in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) have received new, reimagined primary and secondary kits from Nike, featuring designs that convey each club’s rich identity.

In what is a massive move and a first for a women’s professional soccer league, the NWSL has received a league-wide kit reset, with Nike hitting refresh on the primary and secondary uniforms for all 14 teams in the NWSL ahead of the 2024 season. The newly created and recently revealed bespoke kits have been designed to reflect each club’s identity, providing a sense of joyful expression.

Each team’s primary kits express their unique stories through colour and graphics, while the secondary kits are inspired by the strength of the collective. And it doesn’t just stop with the match day jerseys either, with teams also receiving new prematch tops. They feature a shared design created by stacking traditional team crests on top of each other, adding textures and colours to symbolically unite the clubs. 

Another major update to the wardrobes this season has seen Nike remove white shorts from the entire 2024 uniform lineup, responding to NWSL players who cited them as a distraction on the pitch.

nwsl 21-min.jpg
nwsl 20-min.jpg

Angel City

The Angel City FC 2024 primary “Moonlight” kit in black and gray is a nod to the club’s mantra, “Volemos,” meaning "Let's Fly." The gravelly texture is a nod to the grit and determination needed on the road to success. The jersey has pops of the club’s standard pink colourway, “Sol Rosa,” in the Swoosh, crest, name and number set.

The secondary kit inverts the colourway of the primary kit and symbolises the collective joy of the club and community as they look to build their future in Los Angeles. It features the signature sunrise gradient from their crest.

nwsl 19-min.jpg
nwsl 29-min.jpg

Bay FC

The Bay FC 2024 kits represent a club that’s ready to charge onto the local sport scene and redefine what soccer looks like for the entire Bay Area in its inaugural year, sporting a clean grey, white and black colourway for both primary and secondary uniforms.

The jerseys offers a unique opportunity for Bay Area fans to represent a women’s professional team for the first time in over a decade. Here, the poppy colour crest appears on the black 2024 primary kit.

nwsl 18-min.jpg
nwsl 28-min.jpg

Chicago Red Stars

The Chicago Red Stars 2024 primary kit in light blue represents the patchwork of people and cultures that make up the city the club calls home. Nine varying stripe patterns radiate from the heart of the lake-hued blue jersey, the club’s crest. Reminiscent of Chicago’s flag, the red, white and blue kit features an outer pride mark of four stars, representing the city’s rich history.

The 2024 secondary kit then features a darker blue, with the familiar crest.

nwsl 16-min.jpg
nwsl 17-min.jpg

Houston Dash

The Houston Dash 2024 primary kit in orange celebrates the stars of Houston, with a nod to some of the jerseys worn by other local teams, and it’s inspired by the city’s legacy of space exploration. A dimensionalised stripe pattern across the bright orange jersey was made by piecing together multicoloured quasars like the one displayed on the team crest.

The clean secondary 2024 kit feature a cool blue gradient that gets lighter as it rises.

nwsl 15-min.jpg
nwsl 27-min.jpg

Kansas City Current

The Kansas City Current 2024 primary kit was designed in honour of the team’s new home, CPKC Stadium, which is the first stadium in the world built for a women’s professional sports team. As reflected on KC’s crest, three rivers travel across the front of the jersey and eventually merge to become even stronger together. The team’s signature red covers the uniform, while vertical teal stripes rise up along the sides of the jersey, representing the power of the Current.

The 2024 secondary kit feature a white base paired with a splash of teal rising up the side.

nwsl 14-min.jpg
nwsl 13-min.jpg

Gotham FC

The club’s 2024 primary kit is inspired by the New York City skyline. A black sash cuts through the kit, symbolising the Hudson River, which lies between New York and New Jersey. The crest sees a gold star riding above, recognizing Gotham FC as the reigning NWSL champions.

The club’s crest — featured on both the primary and icy blue secondary kit — was inspired by the Statue of Liberty and her crown.

nwsl 12-min.jpg
nwsl 26-min.jpg

North Carolina Courage

The North Carolina Courage 2024 primary kit is a bold shift from the club's traditional uniform, giving a retro shoutout to the Triangle region where the team plays. The outer pride mark on the lower right side of the jersey reads “Be > Seem,” and references the state’s motto, “To be, rather than to seem.”

The 2024 secondary kit, with diffusing shades of red and pink, illustrates how the team pushed the boundaries of its color palette throughout its entire collection this season.

nwsl 11-min.jpg
nwsl 10-min.jpg

Orlando Pride

One of the most distinctive of the new kits, The Orlando Pride 2024 primary “Citrus” kit takes direct inspiration from Central Florida’s citrus industry. It arrives in a brand-new colour palette for the club — a contemporary take on an orange grove–inspired colourway, featuring dreamy oranges and iced-out greens.

The 2024 secondary kit features a vibrant allover purple base, the club's traditional colourway.

nwsl 9-min.jpg
nwsl 25-min.jpg

Portland Thorns

Mildly disappointed by the Thorns' set, but only because of the heights of their past designs. As it is, the Portland Thorns FC 2024 primary kit in red introduces a bold new colour palette, inspired by the City of Roses.

The 2024 secondary kit, in gradating shades of blue, also features the club’s prominent crest and gives the team — and its game — a modern edge.

nwsl 8-min.jpg
nwsl 7-min.jpg

Racing Louisville

The Racing Louisville FC 2024 primary kit is inspired by Louisville’s cultural connection to horse racing. Drawn from traditional horse racing silks, the jersey features a lavender diamond pattern with an argyle mint overlay.

The 2024 secondary kit then features an allover lavender base.

nwsl 6-min.jpg
nwsl 24-min.jpg

San Diego Wave

Another standout from the collection, the San Diego Wave FC 2024 multicoloured primary kit conjures up images of a classic San Diego sunset with a bold orange, pink and turquoise wave-like pattern throughout the jersey. 

Accentuating joy and energy, the 2024 secondary kit features a bright pink base.

nwsl 5-min.jpg
nwsl 4-min.jpg

Seattle Reign

The Seattle Reign FC 2024 primary and secondary kits symbolise the club’s regal legacy and the return of its identity from the inaugural 2013 season, with their beloved queen back on a reimagined logo and crest. The beautiful combination of gold accents on that deep navy base is pure class.

On the 2024 secondary kit, the clean white base allows the reimagined crest to shine.

nwsl 3-min.jpg
nwsl 23-min.jpg

Utah Royals

The Utah Royals FC 2024 primary kit, dubbed “The Ascent,” commemorates the club's return to the NWSL this season, celebrating the glorious mountain ranges that define — and provide for — the entire state. On the jersey, the mountains merge with design, and the rich gold, yellow and blue colorways tell the stories of the land that plays an essential part of everyday life in Utah — places like Moab, Provo, Salt Lake City, Ogden and Bear Lake.

The crowned lioness leads the crest, appearing on both the 2024 primary kit and blue secondary kit.

nwsl 2-min.jpg
nwsl 22-min.jpg

Washington Spirit

The Washington Spirit 2024 primary “Blackout” kit steers away from its traditional red, white and blue colourways and signifies a new era for the team. The Blackout kit includes a tonal grey and black graphic on the jersey, inspired by the monuments and the architecture throughout the area.

The Spirit’s vibrant 2024 secondary “Spotlight” kit is a nod to the club’s trailblazing spirit and teases the new club aesthetic that will develop over the coming seasons. 

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