With the MLS 2024 season kick off less than a week away, adidas continue to roll out the new jerseys, with Portland Timbers up next, who get a new secondary jersey called ‘Nature Unites’.

The Portland, Oregon region has taken a leadership position in the drive to protect natural spaces and encourage environmental sustainability – acting as first movers in aggressively embracing and promoting key practices like recycling, compositing and green energy. And it is from this position that the new ‘Nature Unites’ Portland Timbers 2024 Secondary Jersey is born, with a unique hand-drawn leaf pattern that pays homage to Oregon's native trees taking a focal point in the design.

The Timbers’ new secondary jersey, the club's 17th since it entered the MLS in 2011, is accented with shadow green trim on the cuffs, neck, and sides, linking it to the club's Portland Plaid kit, and includes logos, names, and numbers set against a halo ivory background.

In a major acknowledgement of the connecting power of nature, like football, the kit is presented in partnership with global nonprofit organisation, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and their logo features on the back of the neck. The phrase “Nature Unites Us” is inscribed on the inside of the collar of authentic jerseys.

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