With a gold and green trim, Portland Timbers have revealed their new secondary kit for the forthcoming 2018 MLS season. Clean and crisp and championing an assured look, it's one that sets a confident tone from a club with a truly unique identity.

For a club that celebrate key moments by sawing chunks of timber, there's a lot of football goodness that comes straight out of Portland. A thriving community with a passionate following, it's essential that both on and off the pitch the attire is up to standard. A 'Ponderosa Green' and 'Ravens Gold' are the two colours that stand out on the predominantly white base and with a touch of retro inspiration, the 2018 secondary kit is as contemporary as it is clean.

portland timbers portrait_0000_Layer 2.jpg
portland timbers portrait_0001_Layer 1.jpg

Sealed with a kiss of finer detailing too, the inside neck tape of the shirt is lined with the lyrics, “We'll sing for you Timbers – ‘til you finish the fight” - taken from a chant of the Timbers Army. Couple that with the word 'Timbers' on the reverse of the neck and seal it with the rollover collar and you've got quite the tasty number. Naturally, the shirt sits as the centre piece for the full kit and in fitting fashion the shorts and socks get that timbers treatment too.

Portland Timbers 2018 Secondary Kit_0002_Layer 6.jpg
Portland Timbers 2018 Secondary Kit_0001_Layer 7.jpg
Portland Timbers 2018 Secondary Kit_0000_Layer 8.jpg

Hitting the pitch when the MLS season kicks off in March, bring forth the madness.