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Kappa Unveil Monaco 23/24 Home Shirt

Once again, Kappa have displayed the ability to perfectly balance tradition with a fresh approach for the Monaco 23/24 home shirt, which sees the iconic 55° Diagonal split of red and white on its front side, as well as on the back of the jersey where it makes its return.

The diagonal split of the Monaco home shirt is one of the most recognisable in world football. For the club’s 23/24 home shirt, Kappa have once again wrapped that 55° Diagonal split of red and white around the whole shirt, not just on the front. Further than this well-received move, the brand has also introduced a repeating quadrilateral graphic through the red portion, lending the design a greater depth.

monaco 4-min.jpg
monaco 3-min.jpg

The design is also helped by the presence of the – sadly temporary – “Visit Monaco” logo, the Tourism and Convention Authority of the Principality. It brings back memories of the design execution that has assisted in elevating Venezia jerseys over the last few years. As we mentioned though, it’s only temporary, while the club seek out a new major partner.

The shirt features a two-tone round collar on the back of which is inscribed the motto of the club, “Daghe Munegu”, while  “Rouge et Blanc” appears in gold letters on the inside. Printed in silicone, the traditional red, white and gold AS Monaco crest sits on the left side of the shirt, while the Kappa Omini is affixed in transfer on the other side of the chest, as well as on the sleeves, creating a nice contrast and bolstering the unique character of the jersey design.

monaco 10-min.jpg
monaco 9-min.jpg
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The Monaco 23/24 home shirt is available at

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