Completing the trilogy of shirts for the 2023/24 season that celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first SS Lazio championship from 1973/74, Mizuno reveal the club’s new third shirt.

Following on from the launch of the club’s 23/24 home and away shirts, Mizuno and Lazio have now unveiled the club’s third shirt for the 23/24 campaign, completing their set for the season. The new third shirt follows suit with the home and away shirts, with a design that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first SS Lazio championship from 1973/74, and here that’s accomplished through the use of the letter “L” in the design, which in Roman numerals is – you guessed it – 50.

That letter L features prominently throughout the design, noticeable in several elements in the shirt on closer inspection. The place that its most noticeable is in the navy collar and cuffs, where the L is interlinked to form an almost chain-like graphic motif, but that same print is also embossed into the very fabric of the white base. It’s the type of shirt that you have to view up close to fully appreciate all of its finer details.

The kits of the new collection will be produced in 100 percent recyclable and breathable polyester; evidence of a concerted willingness from both sides to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

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The Lazio 23/24 third shirt is available now at