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Kappa Unveil Monaco 2019/20 Home Shirt

The new season brings with it new beginnings, and in the south of France there’s yet another one, as Kappa and AS Monaco get their partnership underway with the unveiling of the new “Kombat” home shirt for the 2019/20 season.

OK, so straight off the bat let’s clear something up regarding the new Monaco home shirt: it has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat. Yeah, we know, we’re disappointed too, but the shirt takes the “Kombat” name because of the technology that’s used, which provides comfort and lightness. The design of the shirt features the iconic diagonal pattern across the front and back of the shirt, with the upper red section featuring an all-over diamond graphic that’s reminiscent of the Principality’s coat of arms. In a slight tweak to the norm, the diagonal section is set lower, meaning the entire upper portion of the shirt, including both sleeves, is red, while white is reserved for the lower section, under arm panels, sleeve inserts and collar detailing.

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We are very pleased to introduce the new home jersey, which marks Kappa's return as an equipment supplier and major partner of the club,” said Oleg Petrov, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer AS Monaco. “The ambition to be as competitive as possible and the desire to surpass oneself are values that we are delighted to share, nearly twenty years after a first happy adventure. Kappa represents a glorious page in the club's history and we are convinced that these strong memories will help us to look to the future successfully.

The first partnership between Kappa and AS Monaco was initiated in 1998 and ended in 2001. A historic and fruitful collaboration that saw AS Monaco, supported by Ludovic Giuly and Marco Simone, win its 7th French Championship title and the 2000 Champions Trophy. Both parties sure to be hoping for more of the same.

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