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Nike Launch Barcelona 23/24 Home Shirt

Inspired by the first women’s supporters’ club from 1971 who played the first ever women’s football match at the Spotify Camp Nou, Nike unveil the Barcelona home shirt for the 23/24 season.

With a shift in focus and inspiration, breaking new ground for the first time, Barcelona’s new home shirt for 23/24 from Nike is the first to be inspired by the women’s team. It has the classic broad stripes in original blaugrana colours, but with a significant detail – the badge set into a diamond. The diamond represents the first women’s team to ever play a game of football at the Spotify Camp Nou, an example of Barça’s pioneering spirit, always adopting a leading role in both sport and society, allied with continued success.

Released under the banner ‘Here, to lead the way’, the crest on the new shirt draws on the spirit of those pioneering ladies who got together in 1970 and played a game of women’s football at the Spotify Camp Nou.

Ready for a quick bit of history to give the new shirt context? So, the back story to the diamond on the crest began in 1970, when Inma Cabeceran sent a letter to the then FC Barcelona president, Agustí Montal i Costa, proposing creating a women’s football team. This resulted in a behind closed doors women’s football match played at the Spotify Camp Nou.

This game proved the spark for the first FC Barcelona women’s supporters club to be formed a year later in 1971, which used the Club badge combined with a diamond for their logo. Years later in 1988, the supporters’ club created the first women’s football team, playing wearing the same badge, even though they weren’t officially recognised as the FC Barcelona women’s team. Ultimately the FC Barcelona women’s team was officially recognised by the Club in 2002, along with the badge.

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