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Man City Reveal Prematch Range Inspired By Emmeline Pankhurst

In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March, Manchester City and PUMA have revealed a new prematch collection inspired by by Emmeline Pankhurst, who helped shape the Suffragette movement. The collection will be debuted in this weekend’s fixtures by both the men’s and women’s teams.

The new Manchester City Pre-match range from PUMA celebrates both Emmeline Pankhurst’s Manchester roots and also her overriding vision for female equality; a vision shared by the Club’s very own “Same City Same Passion” campaign, that aims to inspire more females to play football. The bold green, white and purple colour scheme featured in the range are a nod to the Suffragettes colours from the past, and the men’s team will wear it to warm up ahead of their fixture with Newcastle, while the women’s team will wear the top in-game for their match against Spurs.

But the prematch collection is really just the tip of the iceberg, with it kicking off a full Pankhurst Activation that will see a Same City Same Passion x PUMA centre circle banner, as well as a strong female influence over proceedings, with female-only mascots and all female DJs. A giant Pankhurst wrap will also feature on the end of the Etihad stadium.

As part of Manchester City’s wider International Women’s Day plans, City in the Community will host a free girls’ football festival at the City Football Academy, bringing together 100 girls from across the city for a day of physical activity and empowerment sessions.

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