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The Best 22/23 Prematch Shirts So Far

With preseason almost at an end and the 22/23 season kick off right around the corner, teams have been releasing their new kits ready for the campaign. And as is the trend these days, accompanying the standard home, away and third shirts are some stunning prematch shirts.

The prematch shirt has rapidly grown as an alternative to the higher-priced, match-worn options. And, as we’ve seen in recent seasons, there’s a freedom of design with them; it’s a shackles-are-off-type situation, giving us some far more wild looks than what we get on-pitch. So we’ve rounded up what we think are the best to debut during preseason so far.

Nike are leading the charge for us, providing bespoke options for their teams, ini contrast to the use of templates in their match attire. As they have done regularly in the recent past, adidas have adopted a template approach, switching colours for respective teams. PUMA then do something similar, with both colours and asymmetrical panels switching positions for each team. Hummel and Kappa get in on the act also with some standout designs, and they’re all ready for you to peruse below.

prematch 12-min.jpg
prematch 16-min.jpg

Real Madrid Home

Adopting the white and purple hues of the home shirt, with the template chevron pattern that features across all the Three Stripes' primary teams this season.

prematch 2-min.jpg
prematch 5-min.jpg

Manchester City Home

City have also got this design in a darker, grey style, which they've also debuted. Here though, it's presented in the club's traditional colours, with those asymmetrical patterns playing across the base.

prematch 3-min.jpg
prematch 17-min.jpg

Barcelona Home

Barcelona have already debuted home and away prematch shirts, and both are decent. If it weren't for the sponsor interrupting the sash on the away, then it definitely would've featured, as it is though we've plumped for the home shirt. Slightly reminiscent of last season's home shirt, although the glitch effect works far better here.

prematch 9-min.jpg
prematch 14-min.jpg

PSG x Jordan away

Quite an understated look for PSG, with a black and charcoal graphic playing across the shirt, with the Jumpman and club crest standing out in a contrasting white.

prematch 4-min.jpg
prematch 18-min.jpg

Chelsea Home

The Chelsea prematch shirt takes the graphic from the home shirt's collar (itself lifted from the club crest) and expands it across the whole thing.

prematch 6-min.jpg
prematch 13-min.jpg

Tottenham Hotspur away

Another understated design like PSG's, the Spurs prematch shirt takes the colours of the new away shirt and combines it with a sublimated graphic that sees the word 'Spurs' repeated throughout.

prematch 1-min.jpg
prematch 15-min.jpg

Manchester United Home

Coming in the club's traditional Red, white and black, this shirt ties in with both the home and away shirts this season. The chevrons play across in opposing diagonal flows.

prematch 7-min.jpg
prematch 25-min.jpg

Inter Milan Home

Where do we even start describing this one? A wild array of shapes, presented in differing shades of blue. Yep, that'll have to do.

prematch 8-min.jpg
prematch 24-min.jpg

AC Milan Home

Another from PUMA, presented in the Rossoneri's classic colours. Red takes the base, with black as the overlaying colour.

prematch 21-min.jpg
prematch 23-min.jpg

RB Salzburg

If you didn't know this was Nike you'd be forgiven for thinking it was another from PUMA. South African side Kaizer Chiefs had a similar look, but since this is a European roundup, Salzburg get the nod. Veers dangerously close to United's 20/21 third shirt.

prematch 22-min.jpg
prematch 11-min.jpg

Liverpool Away

Like the away kit, this one's not yet been released, but it does come in a nice complementary design.

prematch 27-min.jpg
prematch 26-min.jpg

Everton Home

If ever a prematch shirt should be a proper home shirt, then this surely is it. Absolute blinder from Hummel, bringing with it some Club América vibes. Sadly, not yet available to buy...

prematch 19-min.jpg
prematch 20-min.jpg

Borussia Dortmund Home

Another in the PUMA template, switching to yellow and black. Always that 1&1 sponsor to spoil the party though. Shame, as otherwise a good look.

Then rounding things off with a few that have been released but have yet to debut; first up you get an belter for Atletico Madrid, which sees some beautiful artwork appearing in black on that red base. Then Galatasaray get a rip-style execution in the club's classic colours. Another that would be cracking as the club's official home shirt.

prematch 29-min.jpg
prematch 31-min.jpg

Couldn't really not include Venezia's new prematch shirt either, could we? And rounding things off, while this is meant to be a club only roundup, we had to have a shout out for the Lionesses prematch option – simply stunning.

prematch 30-min.jpg
prematch 28-min.jpg

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