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Angel City FC Launch 2023 Away Jersey & Patch Collection

Gearing up for the imminent start of the 2023 NWSL season, Angel City FC have launched their new secondary jersey, entitled “Represent”. The jersey features a map of the greater Los Angeles area and coastline and it also comes with the option for fans to express their own LA story with custom patches designed by local creators.

Ready for their second season, Angel City FC revealed its secondary (read away in Europe) kit for the 2023 NWSL Season, appropriately named "Represent." The jersey features a map of the greater Los Angeles area and coastline, wrapping around the front and back of the garment. The map design consists of a series of small shapes of many sizes - known as a "halftone pattern.” Each shape represents the diverse individuals, neighbourhoods, and cultures that form Los Angeles and call it home.

The jersey arrives in ACFC's own Armour grey colouring, with accents of Sol Rosa, the club's other signature colour. The Nike Swoosh, sponsors (DoorDash across front-of-kit, Sprouts Farmers Market adorning the back, and Birdies on the right sleeve), player name and numbers are all black.

"LA is the sum of infinite parts – diverse cultures, neighbourhoods, and individuals, united by this great city," said ACFC Co-Founder and President Julie Uhrman. "We are proud that the Angel City fan base reflects the diversity of Los Angeles. There is space for everyone at ACFC, just as there is space for everyone in LA. Our community is our superpower, and we cannot wait to see our team and fans represent in this incredible jersey."

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And the “represent” aspect of the jersey doesn’t just stop with the map design; upon purchase, fans can personalise their jersey to express their own LA story with custom patches designed by local creators, including actress and ACFC investor Gabrielle Union (Black Vision Patch), Michael Pak and Duy Nguyen of Love Hour (Flavors of LA Patch), and Rachel Gomez of Viva La Bonita (Nuestras Alas Patch). The Angeleno patches were designed by specifically selected creators who represent 11 of the unique cultures, neighbourhoods, and identities that make up LA, coupling perfectly with the jersey’s overall design and inspiration.

My inspiration for the patch was trying to encapsulate the energy and the spirit and the joy of LA as a whole. Really the spirit of what it is like to be an Angeleno,” said Oto-Abasi Attah of Crenshaw Dairy Mart, who created the Guardian Angel Patch. “I'm very excited to be a part of this program. It is a really great way to build community and highlight certain communities, which is very needed."

For us as indigenous people, being a part of this program means so much. We've been working hard to create visibility of our existence. And the patch is one more step to saying we are here as indigenous people,” said Odilia Romero of CIELO, who co-designed the DIIDXA' patch. “Language is everything. It is a human right. That's why the writing is DIIDXA’, which means ‘word.’ One word makes a difference in your life. One word can change your freedom. And of course, because even though we're indigenous people from south of the border, LA's our home now.

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The Angel City FC Away jersey is now available for purchase at

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