The South Korean K-League gets underway this weekend, and ahead of that, Capo Football have put together a special look book that gathers together the PUMA-affiliated teams from the league.

We’ve been banging the South Korea drum for a while now, highlighting the growing influence of football culture in the region. And as yet another example of the growing appetite that the nation is displaying, Korean sport retailer Capo Football have come together with PUMA to produce a look book that puts attention on the brand’s five teams in the K-League (both first and second division), capturing them on the streets of Seoul to show the blend of Korea's traditional and modern atmospheres.

kleague 6-min.jpg
kleague 5-min.jpg
kleague 15-min.jpg
kleague 16-min.jpg

The design of each jersey (10 in total, with a home and away for each) was inspired by their club’s identity. Suwon Samsung Bluewings home shirt features a wing-inspired graphic base, while the other team from K-League 1, Pohang Steelers, get a bold red and black hoop design with golden accents, included to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary. Then in K-League 2 Cheonan City FC get a traditional Skyblue outfit, Jeonnam Dragons boast a bold chevron layered number, and Busan IPark have the perfect example of how to seamlessly incorporate a sponsor into a design.

As is traditional in the K-League, the alternate kits then take on lighter, predominantly white designs, for the most part simply washing the colour out of the home kits. Probably the outstanding exception to this is the Phang Steelers jersey, which features beautiful collar and cuff details.

kleague 8-min.jpg
kleague 17-min.jpg
kleague 7-min.jpg
kleague 18-min.jpg
kleague 12-min.jpg
kleague 9-min.jpg
kleague 13-min.jpg
kleague 10-min.jpg
kleague 14-min.jpg
kleague 19-min.jpg

Production: Capo Football

Model: Jaehyun Oh, Changhwan Meang, Minju Kim, Hyesong Yoo, Yongil Cho

Photography: Hyuntae Ahn

Apparel Support: PUMA Korea