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The 10 Best Kit Debuts From The International Break

With nations across the world getting their last bit of preparation in ahead of the impending World Cup, it’s been the perfect time for debuting new kits. And so, results aside, we’ve rounded up what we think are the best kit debuts from the recent international break.

It’s funny how you can form an opinion of a kit on its initial release, but then that opinion can rapidly change once they appear on pitch. The addition of the official name and number sets can often complete a look that may have initially appeared to be lacking. Likewise, seeing them in motion, in natural light or under floodlights, can often give you a new appreciation for a shirt you may not have appreciated previously.  So, with most teams having now debuted their home and away kits ahead of the first ever winter World Cup, we’ve picked out the best looking kits on pitch from this latest international break.

wc kit debuts 3-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 4-min.jpg

Croatia Away

That contemporary tweak to the trademark Croatian check design has a nice fluid motion on the pitch. The non-symetrical checks over the shoulder serve to balance out the number positioning on the front, below the Swoosh, something that has negatively affected other Nike designs.

WC Kit debuts 1-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 2-min.jpg

Belgium Home

The flame design works nicely on pitch, and the name and number sets in yellow combine perfectly with the red and black of the shirt design, completing the nation's flag setup. The Tomorrowland-inspired away shirt also looked great, but the home shirt just edged it for us.

wc kit debuts 17-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 18-min.jpg

Mexico Home

While the stunning away shirt misses out on a technicality, having debuted earlier in the month, the home shirt more than earns its place with that textured gradient graphic that spreads from the shoulders down. No mistaking this as a Mexico shirt, and we mean that in the best way possible.

wc kit debuts 13-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 14-min.jpg

Ghana Away

OK, so this one will be controversial, but once you get past the fact that the Ghana team may be set to run a marathon, the design is actually quite decent. The colourful Ghanian design of the border around that yellow numbering... yeah, actually not bad at all.

wc kit debuts 11-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 12-min.jpg

Germany Home

Probably the standout shirt design upon launch, it looks just as good on the pitch. Can't get over the feeling that those numbers on the front are ever so slightly too big though... Maybe we're being overly picky? Still 100 percent deserves a place on this list though.

wc kit debuts 16-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 15-min.jpg

South Korea Away

Carrying some proper Tottenham 21/22 away shirt vibes, especially when looking at Son Heung-Min, the South Korea away shirts is one of the jazziest from Nike's 2022 collection. Bound to be some haters, but we're loving this.

wc kit debuts 10-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 9-min.jpg

Japan Home

While we eagerly await the debut of Japan's away shirt on pitch, it's the home shirt that rightly features here, with its origami-esque design blurring in motion. Always going to be on here. 

wc kit debuts 19-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 20-min.jpg

Spain Away

One of the best links to the traditional home shirt, Spain's away shirt, with those dual coloured Three Stripes, is complemented by the typography and the central add badge and crest. Oh, and long sleeves Alvaro Morata? Bravo.

wc kit debuts 7-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 8-min.jpg

France Home

A proper surprise entry, this one. Upon release, the France home shirt looked decent, but nothing outstanding. But on pitch, that deep navy with the addition of that gold name and number set and the reigning champions badge alongside the Swoosh and FFF crest, it takes on a whole other level of class.

wc kit debuts 6-min.jpg
wc kit debuts 5-min.jpg

Brazil Away

This is another one that we'll admit we weren't completely sold on at first, but seeing it popping under the lights in Paris completely changed our opinion. We could have just as easily featured the home shirt as well, which again looked even better on pitch, but we figured that'd just be unfair.

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